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The legal row over The Crow remake rights now headed to arbitration

06.15.2011by: Jake Dee

I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever see a CROW remake...

The legal wranglings between The Weinstein Company and Relativity Media have reached such an impasse that a decision as to which company will distribute THE CROW remake globally will be decided in private. According to THR, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Wednesday granted Realtivity's motion to compel arbitration based on a clause in the contract at issue in the case.

If all this is news to you, it may behoove you to revisit where the matter stems from. In short, TWC sued Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media in April, claiming an agreement had been breached to allow TWC to distribute the film globally. When Harvey Weinstein found out Relativity had been shopping the project around with Bradley Cooper as star and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo as director, he was none too plussed.

Here's a statement from each side, starting with Relativity:

"Relativity Media prevailed over The Weinstein Company in court today. The Court agreed with Relativity that TWC's lawsuit against Relativity was improper and violated the parties' arbitration agreement. TWC must now defend itself in the ongoing arbitration proceeding filed by Relativity. In that proceeding, Relativity claims damages in excess of $20 million against TWC for its egregious mishandling of the movie Nine and seeks rescission of the parties' agreement with respect to The Crow. Today's ruling demonstrates that TWC's efforts to misuse the court system as a means of intimidation against Relativity failed. Relativity expects to prevail on all of its claims against TWC in arbitration."

TWC's rebuttal:

"Relativity has attempted to distort a garden variety procedural motion into something it was not. They should be ashamed of themselves. Today's hearing was completely procedural. At issue was an ambiguous provision in a contact which made it unclear whether TWC's injunction claim against Relativity should be heard in court or in an arbitration. The Court acknowledged that the provision was not amodel of clarity and further suggested that it was a close question as to whether arbitration or litigation was the appropriate forum. There was no misuse or abuse of the system. The Court said nothing remotely like that. Any suggestion by Relativity to the contrary is patently false. Relativity's gratuitous attacks on the motives of TWC and its counsel are both unprofessional and grossly inaccurate."

A bunch of nonsense if you ask me. Then again, I was never in favor of CROW remake to begin with, so the longer it languishes, the better. Maybe the whole idea will dissipate into obscurity.

THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS star Mia Kirshner

Extra Tidbit: You in favor of a CROW remake or do you hope these legal rows end the project once and for all?
Source: THR



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