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The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger gets distribution

05.28.2013by: Ryan Miller

For those of you who like a little bit of cheese with their horror films look no further than director Brad Mills' upcoming 1980's style B-movie horror flick THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER. With a name like that you can probably expect some cheesetastic one-liners and some good ol' fashion campy gore.

Black Fawn Distribution just announced the official release of their third DVD title: THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER. Distributed in Canada by Black Fawn Distribution, the film is a fun, campy throwback horror film to those old 80’s VHS horror flicks that you could usually rent at your local video store.

After taking a wrong turn down an abandoned road, the Jock, the Joker, the Blond Bimbo and the Paranoid Brunette run out of gas and find themselves stranded in the middle of the woods. What a total drag. What was that noise? Why is everyone vanishing? Is it all one of Bradley’s dumb practical jokes, or could The Legend be true? Your compass won’t save you in these woods.

The film stars Aaron Corbett, Bhreagh Lafitte, Brad Mills, and Colleen MacIsaac. Above and below are some stills from the flick along with the badass poster art.

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys think this one could be a lot of fun?
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Spitting Bullets
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9:45PM on 05/28/2013
Looks pretty meh.
Looks pretty meh.
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