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The lovely Mae Victoria reads genre comics in her lingerie

07.03.2011by: Jake Dee

A hottie reading comics in here lingerie? Holiday weekend indeed!

Alright y'all, bear with me. It's the Sunday before 4th of July, and with news all but dead, it's time to revel in the salacious. F*ck it, it's summertime!

So, with Comic Con going down later this month, I found myself checking out some Youtube footage from past events. It's always cool to check out what went down at Con, especially when they up the ante every year in terms of movie coverage. Anyway, in my searches, I happened upon a pretty rad channel I thought you might appreciate. Have you ever heard of the lovely Mae Victoria?

Well, Ms. Victoria, former adult film star, burgeoning internet personality, has taken to reading various comic books on camera. IN HER LINGERIE! Campy, sexy, hilarious...Mae Victoria's Comic Adventures is a damn fun way to spend your days in the lead up the Con. In her first episode, Mae reads BOMB QUEEN, a busty villainess who blows up a bunch of shite. Click HERE to check it out!

Upon further snooping, I found out that Ms. Victoria is also the star of an untitled web series, which is still in the process of completion. Some episodes have been filmed but yet to air.

So that's it, no real horror news...just some good, clean, wholesome entertainment!

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