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The Marsh, marches on!

11.12.2006by: The Arrow
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Its about time! Variety reported recently that Sony Pictures has nabbed the US distribution rights to Jordan Barker's THE MARSH. I had seen the Gabrielle Anwar/ Forest Whitaker starring flick last year at the Cannes Market and although flawed, I still enjoyed it, specially visually.

Here's what its about: A popular children’s book writer (Anwar), who happens to be a hottie, is plagued by bad dreams of a spooky house, a little girl and a violent crime. She eventually finds that house and moves in to see what the dealio is. She soon finds out that restless ghosts are the dealio and Forest Whitaker is the cure.

READ MY REVIEW OF THE MARSH HERE and expect more news as to "when" it will be popped out of the hole when we get it!

He says theatrical release... she says DVD...who will be the victor?

Source: Variety



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