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The Ocean sings!

12.12.2007by: The Arrow

Man I'm stoked to be working on this one! As you should know, DANTE TOMASELLI'S THE OCEAN is slated to go before the camera come late January 2008. Name cast is locked and Producer Jeffrey D. Erb recently confirmed the shoot in his Blog. And I quote: "The Ocean" will start shooting in late January in Puerto Rico, and Dominique Swain has recently gotten involved as the daughter of Dee Wallace." Awesome!

Today Dante tossed a piece of moody music our way, one that he composed for the film. You can listen to this new track HERE. You can swim through more OCEAN tracks HERE as well. THE OCEAN co stars Vincent Pastore , Champion Surfer Kelly Slater, Ellen Sandweiss, Edwin Neal, Danny Lopes and Judith O'Dea. It was written by Tomaselli and FANGORIA's Michael Gingold.

PERSONAL NOTE: I will be playing some shady surfer dude named Eric in the film. I find it very cool that the last film Miss Swain did was TRANCE (which I wrote) and that now I'll be acting with her next year. Very f*cking cool!

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