The Pact sequel is moving forward under the title Home

I missed Nicholas McCarthy's THE PACT earlier this year. The film got uniformly solid reviews and though it didn't exactly shake the horror industry to its knees, it apparently did well enough to warrant a sequel.

Said follow-up is being pursued by McCarthy under the title HOME. The film's plotline will focus "on a young woman who investigates an incident that took place in a house where a previous occupant unwittingly summoned the Devil."

I'm assuming said HOME will be the same house the first film centered on, unless it got blown up in the climax or something. See, this is why you don't skip indie horror films, kids-- it's like driving without your headlights on in this industry. Anyway, THE PACT fans should chime in with their thoughts on the sequel. Good? Bad? Needless? Take it to the talkback pay window, baby!

Extra Tidbit: Caity Lotz (abve) starred in THE PACT and her body really "pacts" a lot of heat. Get it? Because, you know, she's attractive and, uh, stuff. Okay, I'll go away now.
Source: Screen Daily



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