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The Quiet Ones starring Courtney Gains and Reggie Bannister is coming to DVD in May

02.23.2012by: Marcey Papandrea

It has been quite some time since we have heard about THE QUIET ONES from director Amel J. Figueroa. But I have some fantastic news about the film; it will be getting a DVD release on May 8th!

SaintSinner Entertainment is working with distributor Bayview Entertainment for the release. It is really great to hear the news, as the film certainly sounds interesting and I do like the cast as well. Along with this great news, we have the DVD art work to show you as well, which you can take a look at below!

A young man's rapid descent into madness fueled by memories of a distant past of painful family experiences. A disturbed young man named Michael believes a normal relationship in the form of a blossoming new love interest named Isabel may save him from his own demons, only to find that recurring nightmares and memories of the past that center around his abusive father are too strong for any one love to quiet.

THE QUIET ONES stars Courtney Gains, Reggie Bannister, Bill Allen, Adam Ciesielski, Brea Bee, Clayton Myers, Dennis Ronin, Jessica Browne-White, Nina Fluke, Vanessa Liu, Jeremy Zelig, Jennifer Butler, Laura Lynn Cottrel, Mark Lassise, and Warren Hemenway.

Extra Tidbit: Reggie Bannister is best known for his work with Don Coscarelli, specifically with the PHANTASM series.



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