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The Skin Trade options

09.16.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
About a week ago some news flew in under radar that I'm sure you'll be interested in checking out. Author George R.R. Martin just sold the option / film rights to his werewolf novella THE SKIN TRADE, which was originally featured as part of the horror compilation "Night Visions V." You heard that right, we might be seeing another werewolf movie in the near future!

Picked up by Mike the Pike Productions, the idea behind picking up THE SKIN TRADE is to cash-in on the werewolf/vampire madness that's going on right now thanks to the TWILIGHT phenomena. Sorta. According to Pike CEO Mark B. Newbauer, "If you look back on the decades in film, you can begin spotting trends as to what genres follow others and which ones appeal to certain cultural climates and it's something at which Beth and I have become very savvy. We can't take full credit on this at risk of being boastful, but the timing couldn't be better for this project. That said, the appeal is that it is timeless in form with a gothic detective story with a hint of the supernatural chilling down the spine of a premise which features a serial killer targeting werewolves... We think this story ('The Skin Trade') would make an excellent mini-series, MOW (movie of the week), studio, mini-major or independent feature and we'll be aggressively shopping all angles without overexposing the property in hand. "

And there you have it. Sounds like a smart business plan, and while the details to THE SKIN TRADE are scarce ("The novella is a horror/ mystery cross set in a decaying rustbelt city and featuring a hot young female private eye and a hypochondriac lycanthrope..."), the premise of a werewolf killing serial killer is pretty flippin' awesome.

To check out the full details to this deal, click HERE, and stay tuned for more updates on THE SKIN TRADE as they come our way!

Extra Tidbit: Martin wrote a ton of episodes for THE TWILIGHT ZONE and BEAUTY AND THE BEAT in the 80s, and his novel NIGHTFLYERS was adapted into a movie in 1987.
Source: MarketWire



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