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The Taken trailer

04.23.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Looks like "The Gimp" from PULP FICTION has finally lost his shit - I mean, even more so - and graduated from crouching alone in a trunk to capturing civilians and torturing them, as evidenced by this trailer for THE TAKEN. Truth be told, it looks like a fun-enough slasher - hell, at least the production values are decent. Some of these flicks nowadays look like they were shot with a camcorder circa-1995.

Here's the plot crunch for THE TAKEN: A group of strangers find themselves imprisoned in an abandoned hospital, captives of a masked, sledgehammer-wielding killer. Unfortunately for our victims, he likes to dabble in amateur surgery and human dissection.

The film stars Jessica Von (pictured below the video), E.S. Pierce, Brian Berry, Kathryn Coutu, Dex Manley, Anna Pippus, and Richard Carmen. No release date is known at the moment.

Extra Tidbit: No, this isn't a sequel to the Liam Neeson flick TAKEN. Why would you think that?!
Source: AITH



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