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The trailer is finally here for the monster battle royal that is Monster Brawl!

06.11.2011by: Jared Pacheco
One flick that immediately caught my attention way back in August 2010 was Jesse T. Cook's MONSTER BRAWL. That was almost a year ago folks. So what's taking this shite so long?

Now unfortunately we're still without a release date for MONSTER BRAWL but what we do have for you today is the film's official trailer! And guess what ... the flick looks like it plays exactly as you thought it would! Monsters doing battle in a wrestling ring, gotta love it! Just scroll down below for the trailer or head over to our videos section. You can thank me later.

Set in the tradition of a Pay-Per-View main event, comes a grotesque and hilarious fight to the death featuring a cast of eight classic combatants in all. Along with their colorful managers, these Monsters compete in visceral bloody combat in the ring to determine the most powerful monster of all time.

The horror/comedy stars comedian Dave Foley, wrestling icons Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash, MMA referee Herb Dean, Robert Maillet, Art Hindle, Rachelle Corbeil (below) and narration by Lance Henriksen. Now like I mentioned a release date for this little diddy has yet to be announced but hopefully that news comes rolling our way soon!

MONSTER BRAWL (2011) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think will win?



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