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The Twilight Zone reboot will be an interactive experience

04.18.2016by: Cody Hamman

Way back in 2009, Leonardo DiCaprio closed a deal with Warner Bros. to produce a new TWILIGHT ZONE film through his company Appian Way. After years of development, multiple drafts of the script, and at least one director shake-up, the last we heard of the project was that OBLIVION's Joseph Kosinski might be directing from a screenplay by Aron Eli Coleite. That was three years ago.

Now CBS and interactive video company Interlude are teaming up for a completely different reboot of The Twilight Zone. Their plan is to bring the anthology series, which originally ran on CBS from 1959 to 1964, back as an "original interactive project" that will allow viewers to "become a part of the story".

It's not clear how exactly this will work, but this version of The Twilight Zone will essentially be a live action "choose your own adventure" show.

The new Twilight Zone will honor the original series approach but will add the twist of letting the viewer "change and adapt the story based on what he or she feels. As with all other Interlude videos, viewers can return repeatedly and have a different viewing experience each time."

The pilot of this series, which will "explore the spaces between movies and games", is set to be written and directed by game developer Ken Levine, the creator of BioShock.

I'm interested to see how this turns out, because right now my primary reaction is confusion.


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Source: TheWrapWired



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