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The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series coming to DVD next month

10.22.2013by: Kevin Woods

How many of you grew up on the twisted tales of "The Twilight Zone", whether it be the original series or one of the revival series that have aired throughout the years? I know I did! My introduction was the 1985-1989 series, but over the years I have found myself catching marathons of the original groundbreaking series and even own a couple of the seasons on DVD. Now all 156 episodes of the classic series hosted by "The Twilight Zone" creator Rod Serling is making its way to DVD in November, and we've got the deets for ya below!

"The Twilight Zone" remains television's most treasured anthology program.  The brainchild of writer and narrator Rod Serling -- inspired by the pulp comics, novels and sci-fi films of his youth -- the series introduced its own special brand of weirdness to viewers on October 2, 1959.  As a program that correctly billed itself as one "of shadow and substance, of things and ideas," "The Twilight Zone" left indelible tracks -- not to mention unforgettable theme music -- and directors that included Don Medford, Douglas Heyes and Richard L. Bare.

Now Image Entertainment will be bringing the entire original series to DVD with "The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series", which you can pre-order HERE. We're talking 4524 minutes of some of the best and most imaginative television ever aired! Oh, I'm most definitely grabbing this one for myself!

The series cast includes Rod Serling, Art Carney, Burgess Meredith, Cliff Robertson, Dennis Hopper, Bill Bixby, Leonard Nimoy, Burt Reynolds, Don Rickles, Jack Klugman, Robert Redford, Lee Marvin, Martin Landau, Telly Savalas, William Shatner and many more! You know you want it! You know there's someone in your inner circle that would love this for Christmas! So go ahead and pre-order it now by clicking HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Which series of "The Twilight Zone" was your favorite? The original 1959-1964 series? The 1985 revival? How about the 2002-2003 second revival?



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