The Walking Dead has an endgame, plus news on the spin-off series

"The Walking Dead's" showrunner Scott M. Gimple has just revealed that the hit series definitely has an endgame, which is good news for those of us who worry over whether or not a show like this is just going to spin its wheels without direction. At the recent Saturn Awards, the writer-producer said creator Robert Kirkman has plotted out the way the story ends, while also talking a little about the "companion series" that was announced last year.

On the endgame:

I would say ‘Yes’ [there is an end-game]. I actually don’t like spoiling myself on the comic. I read it as I go. Robert’s offered to tell me the whole thing so I get general aspects of it. I know the emotional end game of the show but there’s practical aspects, I want to keep with the comic. With these characters, you definitely have to think of the emotional endgame and that is very much a part of where I’m headed. But I want to have the flexibility to change the practicals with the comic and I don’t want Robert to spoil the whole series for me.
On the spin-off series and whether or not it might overlap with the original series:

I have little to do with the spinoff… This I do know. It’s set in the world of The Walking Dead but from what I understand, it’s not like Daryl’s cousin or anything… I would never say never [to a crossover between the shows] because if I was a viewer I would say that sounds awesome. But we’re doing our own show. I also think a crossover might be tough because it would take a lot of [license] within the comic story. We’ll see. When we get to all-out war, who knows? We’ll add another faction. It’ll be the Saviors and the Hilltop and the ‘Spin-offers’.

Just don't expect "The Walking Dead" to end anytime soon; if all goes according to plan, this thing could be on the air for at least eight more years. The new season will premiere on AMC in October.

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