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The Walking Dead renewed for a seventh season by AMC

10.30.2015by: Eric Walkuski


Here's an annual "No shit, Sherlock" update. AMC has renewed its mega-successful zombie drama The Walking Dead, along with its post-mortem talk show The Talking Dead. As usual, this was a no-brainer decision on the network's part, as the series remains the hottest thing on cable (that isn't football).

While it hasn't quite kept up its record-breaking momentum (how could it?), The Walking Dead is still consistently holding a devoted audience. Obviously, people aren't getting tired of seeing walkers being demolished in the least. The most recent episode, a highly controversial number that may have seen the demise of one of the show's most popular characters (I'm not convinced), gobbled up 18.2 million total viewers and 12.0 million among adults 18-49.

As per usual, the next season of The Walking Dead will commence in mid-October of next year. Will it be the Season of Negan? Methinks so.


Extra Tidbit: How you liking this season of The Walking Dead?
Source: Deadline



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