The Walking Dead return to infest Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights

In news that surprises exactly nobody, The Walking Dead will be returning to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights event at both American locations, joining the double-timing INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 maze, as well as the CRIMSON PEAK maze in Hollywood and the FREDDY VS. JASON maze in Orlando.

Following the events of Season 5:

The journey will begin at the Terminus safe-haven compound, where an unspeakable hunger has consumed the demented souls of those dwelling within. As the chaos ensues, guests will encounter even greater atrocities as they stumble upon dismembered “W” walkers, witness the horror of victims besieged by the living dead, and step onto the loading dock of the Del Arno Food warehouse to face hordes of “W” walkers.

In Hollywood, the maze, entitled "The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far," will be the biggest, longest, most gruesome maze ever built at the park, featuring twice as many, never-before-seen walkers, all situated within an entirely new theme park location. Not to be outdone, the Orlando location is using first-ever tactics to bring the iconic flooded food bank scene to life, where they’ll surround the guests with hundreds of gallons of water as flesh-hungry walkers attack.

The Walking Dead is always a huge draw for the Halloween Horror Nights crowds, and this season sounds like it'll be as gruesomely fun as ever. Just make sure you bring a deck of cards or something for those leg-numbingly long lines. Barring that, maybe you can just chop them off. They might let you cut ahead if you look enough like a zombie yourself.

Extra Tidbit: What's a maze you'd really love to see at Halloween Horror Nights?



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