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The Walking Dead season 2 coming to life: Staff being assembled now

02.04.2011by: Eric Walkuski

You'll likely recall late last year there was a minor hubbub regarding the fate of "The Walking Dead's" small writing staff after a report came from Deadline.com alleging the entire crew was let go by Frank Darabont. (Click HERE for a refresher.) The story was squashed by exec-producer Gale Anne Hurd not long after, and today brings the news that indeed a writing staff - in favor of freelancers - is currently being assembled for the show's second season.

First on board is Glen Mazzara, who wrote the fifth episode ("Wildfire") of last season's run. Mazzara will function as writing executive producer and Darabont's #2 on the staff; and it's up to him now to assemble the rest of the writers, of which there will be approximately five. (I'm assuming creator Robert Kirkman will be asked to come back as well.) Mazzara has previously worked as executive producer on shows like "The Shield" and "Crash".

The second season of "The Walking Dead" doesn't have a premiere date as of yet, but the consensus seems to be that it won't hit the air until October.

Sarah Wayne Callies

Extra Tidbit: What are you looking for in the follow-up season?
Source: Deadline.com



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