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The Walking Dead videogame story trailer brings on the drama

04.24.2012by: Andy Madrzak

To celebrate the release of THE WALKING DEAD videogame, Telltale Games have just put out a brand new story-centered trailer. The game promises to blend adventure and action, while sticking close to the style of Robert Kirkman's original comic. While we already knew the cell-shaded graphics would do a pretty good job of emulating the comic's art style, the new trailer delivers the franchise's trademark undead drama. Check out the trailer below.


Looks promising, although considering Telltale's mixed track record (including the awesome SAM & MAX and BACK TO THE FUTURE games, but also the dismal JURASSIC PARK), I know I'll reserve judgment until I get a chance to actually play the thing. Which might actually be sooner than later, as the first episode of THE WALKING DEAD hits digital retail today.

Source: GameTrailers



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