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The Ward writers, Shawn & Michael Rasmussen, talk their new film Dark Feed

08.03.2011by: Jake Dee

The Rasmussen brothers - Shawn and Michael - writers of John Carpenter's THE WARD, have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on DARK FEED, their directorial feature debut. We've oddly only written about the film once before, well over two years ago. Time for an update I'd say...

Catching up with The Wrap, The Rasmussens have spoken a little about DARK FEED. Not much in terms of plotline was revealed, but at least we know the flick starting to gain some traction. Peep what the bros. had to say:

Shawn: "'Dark Feed' is a film we shot last year that is now in post production. We’re working to get it finished so we can submit it to festivals in the fall. We shot it with a very small crew using DSLR cameras. The project was large in scope, so it was a bit insane but a lot of fun.

We shot for two months using some of the same locations as “Shutter Island”. These old buildings were amazing to shoot in and really helped give the film a great look. The Massachusetts film community was so supportive throughout the whole process."

Michael: "The film is about a film crew coming unglued while working in one of these old building so it was a little bit of life imitating art, for a few of us at least."

DARK FEED will star Evalena Marie, Dayna Cousins, Michael Reed, Andy Rudick, Bree Elrod, Jonathan Thomson, Michael Scott Allen, Victoria Nugent and Jessica Lauren Napier (below).

Keep it here for more as we hear of it.

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Extra Tidbit: Did you see THE WARD yet? How was it?
Source: The Wrap



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