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Thing gets remade

11.17.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
There are news items that are insane, and then there's this: Strike Entertainment & Universal Pictures has signed up 'Battlestar Galactica' exec-producer Ronald D. Moore to pen the remake of John Carpenter's THE THING!!!

This being the billionth unnecessary remake of the year may also be the most ridiculous and stupid remake idea yet. I really can't see where they could improve on- the original's a f*cking classic, everything from the score to the tension to the special effects- Carpenter did top notch work and now some A-hole wants to remake it? Was I the only one who saw THE FOG remake? Carpenter just can't be remade!

According to Variety, the remake will be more of a 'companion piece' to the original, instead of a word-for-word remake. In which I say, F*ck that noise! If it's not a remake, it's a sequel- doesn't matter if you're re-imagining it or going a different direction, if it's the same story, it's a remake! What's even more ironic is that Carpenter's THE THING was a remake of sorts to the Howard Hawk's 1951 classic THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. So really, they want to do a remake of a remake... bugh...

What's your thoughts on this? Do you love or hate the idea of remaking such a flawless sci-fi/horror classic? I really don't see where there could be improvements, and considering the track record of Carpenter remakes, I'm stating for the record that this is a very bad idea. Stick around for more updates and info regarding the useless remake of THE THING as we hear it!
Source: Variety



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