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Three new clips from Manuel Carballo's Exorcismus (The Possession of Emma Evans)

01.12.2011by: Jake Dee

Any of y'all get a chance to catch EXORCISMUS (THE POSSESSION OF EMMA EVANS) during its limited theatrical run last month? How about on VOD?

Well friends, don't fret if you didn't. You see, we've got three brand spanking new clips from the Manuel Carballo film for you to scope out below!

Filmax is smart...instead of putting huge amounts of dollars in prints and ads...they're letting Mikael Hafstrom's THE RITE get people in the mood for religious horror...then capitalize on it by the timely online push...a la these clips. The question becomes, which flick best serves its subject...the big budget studio flick or the low budget foreign effort? Interesting indeed!

Instead of spoiling the clips with descriptions of each, let's just revisit the films premise:

EXORCISMUS (THE POSSESSION OF EMMA EVANS) follows Fifteen-year-old Emma Hawkins, who, like any other teenage girl, thinks that her parents don't understand her. She longs for independence and a life free of family ties and responsibilities and she is prepared to do anything to achieve it. But one day she will be forced to face up to the consequences of her actions.

Life seems to be carrying on as normal, until one day Emma starts experiencing frightening fits. Her parents are convinced that her problems are either medical or psychological, but when doctors´ tests are unable to draw any conclusions, the family is forced to look elsewhere for answers.

It all started off as a bit of fun, Emma never really believed it, but the truth is there is something dark and sinister within her, and it won't take long to surface. Be careful what you wish for.

Sophie Vavasseur, Doug Bradley, Tommy Bastow, Stephen Billington, Brendan Price, Richard Felix, Jo-Anne Stockham and Claudia Costas are all featured.

Extra Tidbit: EXORCISMUS scribe David Munoz also wrote GOD'S FORGOTTEN TOWN, starring Marina Gatell (above).
Source: AITH



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