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Ti West Haunts Georgia

06.18.2009by: Jared Pacheco
So from what I can tell THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT really sucked. Like downright horrible. Now I'm not speaking from experience... just from what the general genre population has told me. Apparently it did well enough to warrant a sequel though!

I shit you not folks. There's a sequel to THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT in the works. Now CONNECTICUT had some major potential. That trailer rocked me hard but it seems the film was nothing like that! Thankfully I steered away from that. But let me get back to this sequel. This new flick actually won't have anything to do with CONNECTICUT or so it seems. It'll follow a similar path but with a new family in a new state. And that state will be Georgia. Can you guess what the title will be for this one? THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA. How original.

As much as I want to write this one off from the start... I just can't. Why can't I? Because of a fellow named Ti West. Yes. HOUSE OF THE DEVIL's Ti West will be directing this little trip to Georgia, which was scripted by David Coggeshall. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel after all! HAUNTING IN GEORGIA is coming from Gold Circle with Lionsgate being the main contender to distribute if they so please. Keep your fingers crossed that West has something vicious in store for us! And keep it here for more on THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA as we hear it!

Unfortunately it seems Virginia Madsen will not be back

Extra Tidbit: Ti West directed the upcoming CABIN FEVER 2... which had nothing to do with Eli Roth.
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