TNT's new horror series Breed casts Nadia Hilker and Amber Clayton

Now it's TNT getting into the horror drama game. The network is currently working on "Breed", a mix of creature feature and detective procedural, and it has just cast its first two stars.

Deadline reports Nadia Hilker (pictured below; the upcoming horror indie SPRING) and Amber Clayton (pictured above; CRAWLSPACE) have joined the series, which follows:

... a series of brutal murders in the Pacific Northwest and the mysterious race of creatures who may be committing them. Despite his own mental instability, a gifted detective named Cooper Wells embarks on the case, employing his expertise on serial killers. But when the perpetrators start to reveal barbaric tendencies of an inhuman nature, Wells is forced to enlist the help of a powerful and alluring female assassin to track them.

Hilker will play "Ruby, a powerful assassin born of a long line of Eastern European hunters called Avelytes, whose life’s work is to stalk and kill the dangerous creatures that are secretly infiltrating the population. She becomes a volatile but intriguing partner to Detective Cooper Wells as they struggle to protect Tacoma from this unusual and horrific threat.

Meanwhile, Clayton plays "Mandy, Cooper’s girlfriend who followed him from New York to Tacoma after he got fired from the FBI. Their intensely sexual, playful and happy relationship anchors Cooper’s life, but could become threatened by the dangerous creatures targeting them, and by the secrets she’s keeping."

John Scott Shepherd created "Breed", which will be directed by Scott Winant ("True Blood", "Fargo"). No word on when TNT plans on airing it.

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Source: Deadline



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