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Todd Lincoln set to direct adaptation of alien invasion comic The Nye Incidents

06.08.2011by: Jared Pacheco
You guys ever hear of a comic called THE NYE INCIDENTS? Well if you haven't don't worry, I'm about to catch you all up.

You see according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog said comic is set to be adapted for the big screen by RKO and director Todd Lincoln. THE NYE INCIDENTS comes from the duo of Whitley Strieber and Craig Spector and takes place in the world of alien abductees. But you want the full rundown of this little diddy, don't you? Check it:

Nye centers on a seen-it-all and logical medical examiner whose faith in the rational is shattered when she runs afoul a brutal murder of a supposed alien abductee. The case puts her on the path chasing a serial killer working in the alien abductee community who may or may not be human.

Apparently the team behind this one are aiming for more of an anti-alien invasion movie, something that doesn’t veer into conspiracy/X-Files territory yet remains spooky and terrifying.

That's about all the info we've got on the project. RKO are actively looking for a writer to assist Lincoln in adapting the comic as we speak. When we hear anything new on THE NYE INCIDENTS you can bet we'll be passing that news right on along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: Todd Lincoln last directed THE APPARITION, starring the gorgeous Ashley Greene (above).
Source: Heat Vision



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