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Tom Berenger is a killer on the loose in Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway

07.02.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Tom Berenger isn't a man you want to mess with on the best of days, but he looks downright cold-blooded in AMBER ALERT: TERROR ON THE HIGHWAY, a new thriller coming out at the end of July. George Mendeluk (THE MARSH) directs the film, which co-stars Torri Higginson and Britt McKillip.

A new trailer has just been issued for AMBER ALERT; you can check it out below.

Larsan is a man on the edge, making a dead rush for Mexico and kidnapping two young girls along the way. He is hotly pursued by police chief Martha Geiger, herself a mother of two. Using the Amber Alert system, Geiger constructs a psychological trap that will brutally punish the man who came in to mess with her town.

The film will be released on DVD July 29th; pre-order it right HERE.



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