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Tom Hardy talks Mad Max: Fury Road - don't hold your breath

05.21.2012by: Andy Madrzak

While doing press for his latest gangster flick LAWLESS, Tom Hardy got the chance to tell Empire how things are moving along with the highly anticipated MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. The good news? Hardy is still very much committed to the project. The bad news? It might still be a while before we get to see him go Rockatansky.

With no firm starting date for the shoot, here's what the actor said about the possible release date:

"We keep moving that around, you know? Who knows when itíll come out? Iíve been on stand-by for two yearsÖ but itís all part of it. Itís kind of the cool thing to do, to be elusive with dates and all that."

As far as the movie's rumored budget cuts, Hardy kept things light, saying:

"It was going to be a year of filming, then six months, and now weíre supposed to be doing it in six days. Itís a musical Ė weíre going to go around shopping centres in a little wagon and sing songs. People were expecting big, but weíre going to give them small. Itíll be a live, free-running musical and itís coming to a place near you soon."

Well, there you go - Mad Max the Musical coming to a stage near you! In all seriousness, while it sucks that we still don't even have a tentative release date on the new MAD MAX, at least the cast seem to be in good spirits. Apart from Hardy, FURY ROAD is to star Charlize Theron and supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw (below), among others.

Extra Tidbit: It's been over 4 years since we first reported on a fourth Mad Max, more than 2 since the movie was officially confirmed. How much longer are you willing to wait?
Source: Empire Online



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