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Tom Holland, Danielle Harris & Bill Forsythe team for Let's Make a Deal

04.08.2010by: Jake Dee

Although we don't give short-films a whole lotta run around these parts (save for a new segment we've got going called Your Horror Vids), one project we just caught dime of sounds too good to pass up. You see, when director Tom Holland (CHILD'S PLAY, FRIGHT NIGHT) brings horror hottie Danielle Harris (below) together with master of the sleaze, William Forsythe (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, right)...our eyes and ears perk the f*ck up!

And it looks like all three are joining forces on a horror-short entitled LET'S MAKE A DEAL, which if all goes well, has the potential to be converted into a web series. No further details have been disseminated, but word is the project was born when Holland and Harris worked together on HATCHET 2.

Okay, our guess is good as any then. What do you think LET'S MAKE A DEAL will encompass? Surely that old codger Monty Hall isn't going to be rollin' his old bones out for cameo, is he?

Holland's last directorial effort came in 2007 with his "We All Scream For Ice Cream" episode of "Masters of Horror." Harris can next be seen in THE BLACK WATERS OF ECHO'S POND. Forsythe always seems to have 10 or so projects in the works, and now is no exception. One title that instantly strikes me with "WTF" sentiment is RAGING BULL 2, in which Forsythe is rumored to play Jake LaMotta. I wish I was kidding!

So let's hear it...you in favor of Holland, Harris and Forsythe joining forces to a bring us a horror short? Are you already hoping the shite gets full web-series treatment?

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer Holland's FRIGHT NIGHT or CHILD'S PLAY?
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