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Tony Todd in Island

02.25.2009by: Eric Walkuski

'Round these parts we've got to show some love to projects that, while not necessarily "horror", still feature peeps that deserve our pimpin' (sorry if that made you gag). One such peep is Tony Todd. You know the name, you know the face, you know the horror he has brought to our hearts and minds. But did you know that the man can honest-to-goodness act?

He's doing just that in a play called THE ISLAND - and no, it's not the stage version of Michael Bay's craptastic bomb (thank god). THE ISLAND is a Tony winning play about two political prisoners confined in the notorious South African prison on Robben Island in 1972. The play chronicles the terror of prison life, and the cell becomes a crucible, testing the limits of personal and political commitment, and the competing agendas of the two men.

Sounds heavy. This is going down at the Lucy Florence Cultural center in L.A. for two weeks only, so get your asses down there now and support my man! (Just don't yell "Candyman" while he's up there acting, you philistines.)

For more info, head on over HERE.

Todd's milfy Candyman co-star, Virginia Madsen

Extra Tidbit: Todd is currently co-starring in 24 and was also recently in CHUCK.
Source: Lucy Florence



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