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Top 10: Alternate end #2

03.16.2007by: Serena Whitney
Everybody has got their favorite feature when watching a DVD. Some enjoy the commentaries, others enjoy the deleted scenes, I, myself particularly enjoy watching the alternate ending feature. Although, most times I am extremely disappointed from what I see.

In most cases, I rush to buy a DVD with the words ďSHOCKING ALTERNATE ENDINGĒ plastered over the cover, only to discover thereís nothing shocking or different about the new ending. (*Cough Scream 3 and Wicker Man remake cough*)  The ending just usually involves alternate takes and extended shots that werenít used in the theatrical version. (LAME!)

But, in very few cases, some DVDS will have an ending so different from the theatrical version, that it completely changes the tone and outcome of the film. Here is my list of alternate endings to look out for on DVD. They may not all be superior to the original film, but they are all entertaining to watch.



5. The Descent

My friends and I still debate about which was the better ending for this film. I happen to prefer the U.K ending. I like it, because itís open to interpretation. Did the creatures end up killing Sarah? Or did she in fact kill all her friends and the creatures were merely only one of many hallucinations she suffered from? Whereís Neil Marshall when you need him?

4. Butterfly Effect

When I had first watched this underrated thriller a couple of years back, I watched the Directorís cut, thinking it couldnít have been much more different than the theatrical version.  I didnít realize how much different it was until I tried to discuss with my mother (who had seen the theatrical version) how sad the ending was. She looked at me like I had two heads and asked me what the hell I was talking about.  I had watched the much darker ending where Ashton Kutcherís character goes back in time to strangle himself with his umbilical cord in his motherís womb. The new ending completely changed the movie. There is also a happy alternate ending where Ashton gets the girl (Amy Smart) at the end. I happened to like this particular cheesy ending, yet thatís just the ďgirly girlĒ in me.

3. Army of Darkness

I can always tell who a true Sam Raimi fan is. Most consider the alternate ending to be the true ending for Army of Darkness. In the finale, Ash ends up drinking one too many drops of the sleeping potion he was given, and wakes up 100 years in the future. I always preferred this ending because it left more room for a fourth installment than the original ending with Ash battling a deadite in S-mart did.

2. Halloween 6 Prod. Cut

If you are a genuine fan of the Halloween series, you know that one should only watch Halloween 6 if they have the Producerís cut, because the theatrical cut is a god damn mess!  Unlike the theatrical ending that left me flabbergasted and confused, (what was with the f*cking fetuses on the hospital floor?) the alternate ending in the Producerís cut further explained Michaelís past, the druids, and it focused more on Dr. Loomis. (The late and great Donald Pleasence)   If you donít want to buy the film on Ebay, you can now watch the ending on youtube.

1. Joyride

This road horror flick had not one, but FOUR alternate endings. Never have I seen a DVD with a half-hour alternate ending that completely changes the whole film.. Itís obvious that the test screening didnít go too well, yet, I really didnít mind this ending at all. If you havenít already done so, go rent this underrated horror film and watch its many entertaining endings.


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