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Top 10: Anticipated 08 #1

01.09.2008by: Matt Withers
It's easy to get cynical about the state of horror when so many disposable flicks get green lit by the studios, while exciting fare typically has to fight for life on the festival circuit. Still, even I'm not completely immune to seeing certain projects or events in the future and feeling an awesome sense of, this may really be outstanding

This list is a bit all over the place since it covers both specific movies and events in the horror landscape that have me salivating. I'm particularly surprised to find that not one, but two remakes have scammed me into thinking they could rock.

Spit those bullets below, and let's blaze this new year together, amigos!


10. Discovering The Next AITH News Editor

As you guys have no doubt seen, The Arrow is giving one of ya'll the chance to answer the call and drop your horror knowledge every day. Every time a fresh News Editor comes in the site gets tweaked in the best way with the addition of different ideas, perspective and writing style. Always cool to see who gets called up, especially since my sorry ass started in that post so it'll always be a sentimental fav of mine.

9. Tale Of Two Sisters Remake

Yet another PG-13 Asian horror remake. Directed by...wait who the f#ck are The Guard Brothers? Every bit of common sense and experience in my body tells me that it will obviously suck. The thing is, I can't ignore the fact that David Strathairn and Elizabeth Banks are in it. Both of them rock, and for the most part are pretty spot on with the projects they pick. Plus the original was heavy on atmosphere and light on gore so the PG-13 won't by definition force a break from the spirit of the source material. I know I'm just letting myself get suckered in, but dammit I'm looking forward to the flick.

8. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

I was not a big fan of HELLBOY. I found it mildly entertaining, but poorly structured and prone to meandering scenes that swung between boring and confusing. But holy shite after seeing the trailer for the sequel I'm ready to go stand in a very long line for the first showing on the first day. The scope looks huge and all the action appears to have a decidedly massive approach compared to the relatively claustrophobic feel of the first. Count me as psyched!

7. Increased Opportunities For Genre Fans To See Inside (└ l'intÚrieur)

When I saw HAUTE TENSION and THE DESCENT I had the double pleasure of getting to see them well before most fans had access and having a chance to savor how much I knew my fellow horror hounds would love them. Finding truly outstanding horror is far too rare (at least in the fictional sense), and I feel like the whole community enjoys a special gift when a treat like INSIDE comes along. Enjoy it when it gets to ya brothers and sisters.

6. Midnight Meat Train

Love Clive Barker. Love the Books of Blood (short story collections from which the story is taken). Love Vinnie Jones. This is a wicked bugger that promises to be messy, nasty fun. What more could you want from the new year?

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