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Top 10: killer dolls #1

07.05.2007by: Serena Whitney

Since I was little, any horror films involving killer dolls have always creeped me out. Scenes involving batteries falling out of a “Good Guy” box, dolls chasing women with huge butcher knives, and a doll puking up deadly leeches have forever been embedded in my memory.

Lord knows why people like myself get scared while watching absurd horror movies involving dolls that kill. Maybe it’s the sound of the pitter-patter of their feet as they chase their victims, or the unnaturally grotesque emotions they are able to express on their plastic/porcelain/rubber faces, or maybe it’s because they’re able to hide and pop out anywhere. (My answer is “all of the above.”)

So here are my top choices of serial killing objects that were “made in Taiwan” that have freaked me out more than movies involving real flesh and blood serial killers.


10. Tales from the Hood

In this very underrated anthology horror film, there were four great short stories. The one I will always remember however, is the story involving a racist politician (played by Corbin Bernsen) who is stalked and hunted down in a house by a group of creepy looking dolls who are inhabited by the souls of vengeful slaves. I was eleven when I first watched this movie, and “coincidentally” it was the same year I said good-bye to my doll collection.

9. King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes - Battleground

In Battleground, we see a hitman (played by William “I’m gold in every role” Hurt) go to war with a bunch of toy army soldiers who are seeking revenge for the death of their maker. This was such a well-acted and creepy addition to the Nightmares and Dreamscapes mini-series that aired only a few months ago. What especially made this story unlike the rest on the list, is that it had almost no dialogue spoken throughout the entire short film. (Something I only noticed half way through) Also, if you pay close attention, you will see the infamous doll from Trilogy of Terror on a shelf. (A little tidbit for you Karen Black fans out there.)

8. Dolls

Dolls is a horror/comedy with a fairytale twist, that is still enjoyable to watch to this day. Although the Stuart Gordon classic has minimal gore, the special effects were impressive (for its time) and the hundreds of dolls were quite a sight. Definitely one to watch with a bunch of friends on a drunken night!

7. Dolly Dearest

Let’s face it. This film was just a blatant Child’s Play rip-off, but the VHS covers and posters made Dolly look a whole lot creepier than Chucky. Although it is quite inferior to the Child’s Play series, I always thought they should have done a cross over film involving the two killer dolls. In my opinion, I think Dolly would have made a far more suitable bride for Chucky.

6. Pin

Every time this cult horror flick airs on television, I always try to catch it. For me, this movie was frightening as a child. I remember actually thinking the medical dummy, Pin was really alive, when in fact it was really only alive in Leon’s twisted mind. The film is very similar to Magic and to Love Object, but I find it extremely more entertaining than both films. (Also that doll was unforgettably creepy!)


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