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Top 10: Washroom bits #2

06.22.2007by: Serena Whitney

There are always rooms in a house that gives people the creeps at night. The attic, the basement, and walk in closets are the most obvious rooms that invoke fear, because they are the rooms where most killers and monsters lurk in horror films.

I, on the other hand was always creeped out by the washroom. (Don’t laugh!) The washroom is the hardest place in the house to escape from. It’s a small enclosed space, there are usually no windows, (unless you’re on the second or third floor) you’re at your most vulnerable, and most importantly, there’s nowhere to hide. (Unless you think an intruder is going to be too stupid to look behind the shower curtain.)

Obviously I’m not the only one who shares the same fear, for horror filmmakers have been exploring and/or exploiting washroom deaths on screen for decades. Here’s my list of the most memorable death scenes in washrooms that have either given me goose bumps, nightmares, and many laughs.



5. Species

One thing I hate about nightclubs is the constant competition with other women. When a girl happens to steal a guy I’ve been talking to, I usually: a) trip her or step on her brand new shoes, b) “accidentally” spill my drink on her, or c) shove her out of the way while calling her a ‘slut.’ Although if you’re a human-alien hybrid like Sil in Species, revenge is a “little” different. When she had a man stolen from her at a club, she calmly followed the woman into the public washroom and ripped out her spine in the stall. (OUCH!) Thank god women don’t think like that, because in that case there would be a lot of dead bitches in nightclubs every night.

4. Ghoulies 2

I used to love the Ghoulies franchise when I was little. Nothing in the series really gave me nightmares, until I saw the “infamous toilet kill” in the second installment. A man runs into the amusement park washroom and sits on the toilet, only to meet a grisly death by one of the ghoulies who was hiding in the toilet bowl. Sure, it was funny and not at all gory, but that seriously f*cked me up as a kid. I constantly thought something was going to bite my ass off if I went to the bathroom, and to this day, I avoid the washrooms at amusement parks.

3. Evil Breed/Samhain

I watched this movie drunk with a couple of my guy friends last year who were all hoping the movie was a porno disguised as a horror film. (The cast is full of popular pornstars) While my buddies were ogling Jenna Jameson and while I was continuously complaining about how awful Richard Grieco looks now, we watched a scene that made us shut up and stare at the screen in bewilderment. In the slasher, a man gets attacked by a monstrous cannibal and ends up getting his intestines ripped out through his ass! At first, we were laughing hysterically, but then the scene just kept going and going, and it went from being extremely hilarious to extremely f*cked up. It definitely killed our buzz to say in the very least.

2. Jack Frost

This movie made it on my top ten list last year for the most ridiculous kill in a horror movie, and yet it may be ridiculous and absurd, it sure is a notable death scene in a bathroom. You can’t forget a killer snowman killing and raping a then unknown Shannon Elizabeth with his carrot in the bathtub. It’s one of those memories that will never fade away....no matter how hard you try.

1. Psycho

No matter how old you are, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic has most likely popped in your head when you take a shower from time to time. Psycho is the reason why I have a bathmat in my shower. Before I had the mat, I would nearly kill myself trying to jump out the shower every time I heard a slight noise in the bathroom. It may be the most obvious choice, but Janet Leigh’s death is by far the most memorable death scene in a washroom on film.


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