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Topher Grace and Susan Sarandon take on The Calling

04.05.2013by: Ryan Miller

There's a new serial killer flick on the horizon by the name of THE CALLING which will star Susan Surandon (below) and Topher Grace (above), reports Deadline. The film was written by Scott Abramovitch and will be helmed by Jason Stone with production getting underway this week. It's a pretty cool sounding indie thriller that might be worth keeping an eye on.

The indie thriller will see Susan Sarandon play a small-town Canadian detective who tracks down a serial killer targeting the terminally ill to use as disciples in his own planned resurrection. Topher Grace is the ambitious police officer recently transferred from Toronto who becomes the detective’s right-hand man.

That's all the details we've got so far so stick around and we'll keep you up to date on all that jazz. Christine Vachon, Killer Films and Randy Manis are producing.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think THE CALLING sounds pretty good?
Source: Deadline



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