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Toxic Avenger musical? Remake?!

02.19.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Icons of Fright has an interview with one of the more wacked-out "Studio Heads" you're likely to find: Lloyd Kaufman, the man in charge of Troma. It would appear that there's serious talk about a TOXIC AVENGER: THE MUSICAL! No, apparently this is not a joke (although with Kaufman, you never can be too sure).

"Some excellent theatrical producers, the folks that brought you DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, and I believe the Harriet Tubman story, the musical of course, they are going to be producing TOXIC AVENGER: THE MUSICAL."

"If that wasnt enough, they have engaged David Bryan who is a member of Bon Jovi". (Ironically enough a New Jersey band!) "Hes written the music for it and its great. Its terrific. Theyve got a big time director attached. Apparently, theyre going to start trying it out of town in Newark, New Jersey, which is one of the original Tromavilles. We filmed there back in the good old days. The original TOXIC AVENGER was filmed in and around Newark, New Jersey. So, its all coming around in a big, beautiful triangle."

Okay, I would pay to see that... A few times... But what about a remake of the classic splatter-fest. According to Lloyd, it's not UNimaginable...

"Right now, were getting a lot of calls from people like Brett Ratner and others who want to remake Troma movies! But I would bet against any remakes of ANY Troma classics."

"We do get calls from these agents constantly about (remaking THE TOXIC AVENGER), but so far nobody has forked over any real money. And if we DID give TOXIC AVENGER to somebody, our fans would probably be pretty pissed off! So, itd have to be a trade off. Wed have to get enough money so we could make a movie for our fans if we gave TOXIC AVENGER away."

"On the other hand, Id give it to James Gunn. Id give it to Eli Roth, probably. Theyre the sort of people wed probably give it to, but not to Mister William Morris."

I must admit that I couldn't get riled up over a TOXIC AVENGER remake - who the hell wouldn't at least be curious as to what that would look like (especially if James Gunn, who of course cut his teeth at Troma, were at the helm)? I'd be pretty shocked if it actually happened, unless the studios are so delusional that they think ANY remake is an instant moneymaker. Although if someone wanted to give CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH a shot, I'd be powerless to not offer my support...

Source: Icons of Fright



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