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Trailer and DVD artwork for Unidentified is here to abduct you

01.16.2014by: Kevin Woods

The DVD artwork and a trailer have arrived for Jason Richard Miller's latest project for Dark Sky Films, the found footage sci-fi thriller/comedy UNIDENTIFIED, and we've got all the details for ya below!

We've been keeping our eye to the sky for news regarding UNIDENTIFIED ever since Dark Sky Films announced that they would be producing and distributing UNIDENTIFIED way back in November of 2012, and now the film is set to hit DVD and Digital Download on February 11. The sci-fi thriller was written and directed by Jason R. Miller and based on a story by Eddie Mui, Parry Shen and Jason R. Miller. UNIDENTIFIED marked the feature directorial debut of Jason R. Miller, co-producer and second unit director of the horror films HATCHET 2 and FROZEN.

Below you will find the latest trailer and the DVD art for UNIDENTIFIED, following the synopsis.

During a wild weekend in Las Vegas, four young friends get into trouble with a loan shark and must skip town in a hurry. But gambling problems may be the least of their worries after they get stranded in the Nevada desert. One of the guys discovers a mysterious metal fragment, then promptly goes missing during the night. When the remaining three catch up with their lost friend, there's something different about him. As his condition worsens, the others realize that something unearthly might be stalking them in the desert.

UNIDENTIFIED stars Parry Shen (the HATCHET franchise), Colton Dunn ("Key and Peele"), Eddie Mui (CALL BACK) and Eric Artell (PAIR OF KINGS). Parry Shen and Eddie Mui are also the producers, along with director Jason R. Miller.

You can pre-order UNIDENTIFIED on DVD HERE.



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