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Trailer and release date news for arthouse horror film Cannibal

06.12.2014by: Eric Walkuski

We last updated you on the status of Manuel Martin Cuenca's CANNIBAL back in December, when the horror-romance was picked up by distributor Film Movement and tagged with an unspecified 2014 release. Today brings some clarity on the film's release plan, as well as a new trailer.

First, the plot synopsis:

CANNIBAL finds its engrossing chills in the macabre private work of a prestigious tailor in small-town Granada, Spain. The film explores the murderer's relationships with the women he kills, particularly that of a Romanian immigrant who goes missing and the twin sister who comes looking for her.

Film Movement will be releasing the film on all VOD platforms - iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and more - on July 25th. In addition, the film will enjoy a limited theatrical run beginning July 23rd in New York, San Diego, LA, Chicago, Fairfax and other select cities.

Extra Tidbit: Does CANNIBAL look like it has bite?



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