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Trailer & details for international genre anthology Italian Ghost Stories

04.30.2011by: Jared Pacheco

One type of genre flick that's always welcomed is the anthology. It's almost like getting several movies for the price of one, isn't it? And for good horror anthologys we get exactly that! The entertainment and intrigue of an entire horror flick boiled down to less half the normal time. And getting more than one at once is the icing on the cake!

It's with that excitement that I come here today to tell you all about an international anthology flick heading our way all the way from Italy! What's this little diddy called you ask? FANTASMI or ITALIAN GHOST STORIES for you English speaking folks out there. Pretty generic title huh? I'm digging it!

ITALIAN GHOST STORIES will consist of five different tales of terror directed by a number of different directors. We've got "17 NOVEMBRE" from Tommaso Agnese, "OFFLINE" from Andrea Gagliardi, "LA MEDIUM" from Roberto Palma, "FIABA DI UN MOSTRO" courtesy of Stefano Prolli and "URLA IN COLLINA" coming our way from the duo of Marco Farina and Omar Protani.

Unfortunately I couldn't track down plot breakdowns for the individual stories but I did find out the flick stars Daniele De Angelis, Primo Reggiani, Laura Gigante, Guja Quaranta (below), Chiara Brunamonti, Maurizio Tesei, Carola Clavarino, Santa De Santis, Alessandro D'Ambrosi, Jonathan Coppola, Giulia Moscatelli, Anna Maria Teresa Ricci and Claudia Fratarcangeli.

One Eyed Films, the UK-based company that just snatched this shite up, are planning on pimping ITALIAN GHOST STORIES out at this year's Cannes and American Film Market so I'm willing to bet you can expect more from this little diddy soon!

ITALIAN GHOST STORIES (2011) - International Trailer

Extra Tidbit: When you think about Italian genre flicks what's the first that comes to mind?
Source: One Eyed Films



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