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08.11.2006by: Ammon Gilbert

When I first heard about the concept for the upcoming slasher flick REST STOP, I thought it sounded pretty good. I mean, rest stops are scary as hell to begin with, throw in a psychopath in a big ol' mean, scary truck and you have yourself a good time. And after I checked out the trailer... it doesn't look like I'll be dissapointed!

If you head over to IMDB of all places, you can check out the all new, kick ass TRAILER for the flick. Does it deliver? If gritty slashers are your thing, ala TCM, then REST STOP is sure to float your boat and then some! My favorite part? Besides the running, screaming and nasty amature crime scene photos? The opening tag line!

A film too shocking for theaters... available only on DVD...

See, that's the angle all STD's need to take! Tell everyone that it's too good for theaters, and only worthy to be on DVD. Nice!

Anyway, REST STOP looks like your typical slasher flick, with a few new surprises in there somewhere, but mostly stuff we've seen before- and will gladly see again! REST STOP, in all of it's unrated glory, hits the DVD shelves on October 17th.
Source: IMDB



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