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Trailer for Andre Baiz's Spanish chiller The Hidden Face (La Cara Oculta)

02.29.2012by: Jake Dee

I'm loving the international flavor this rare Leap Day is bringing us. First came a flick from Canada, then one from Brazil, and now we have a Columbian/Spanish chiller on our hands called THE HIDDEN FACE (LA CARA OCULTA). With our intro to the film comes a poster, trailer and vague logline. Simply scroll to find that bundle of joy!

Co-written with Baiz by Hatem Khraiche, translated to English by Stewart St. John - THE HIDDEN FACE picks up when:

A Spanish orchestra conductor deals with the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend.

Martina Garcia (below), Quim Gutierrez, Clara Lago seem to be the only cast members in the film.

Yet to lock a North American release, THE HIDDEN FACE has shown up in Spain and Italy. It's due in France July 4th and Germany September 6th.

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Extra Tidbit: How many Colombian horror joints have you clocked? Any of them good?
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