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Trailer for Behind the Mask director Scott Glosserman's The Truth Below

02.23.2011by: Jared Pacheco

Back in April we told you about a made-for-TV movie heading our way from MTV called THE TRUTH BELOW. You guys remember that? No worries if you don't, I'm about to catch you up!

Last time we talked about the flick all we really knew was the basic premise and one of the cast members. Boy oh boy do we have a lot more info for you all today! Not only do we have more cast joining the film but we've also got a director and a trailer ready and raring to go!

So who's the lucky guy behind the camera for this one? None other than BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON director Scott Glosserman! Now I'd much rather see Mr. Glosserman devote his time to a BEHIND THE MASK sequel but I guess I wouldn't mind seeing what else he could do. Joining the previoulsy announced Reid Ewing in the film will be Gillian Zinser, Nick Thurston and Ricky Mabe. Scope out a nice detailed synopsis:

A fun Spring break snowboarding trip soon turns into a terrifying journey as a group of four friends; Jenna (Gilian Zinser), Ethan (Reid Ewing), Liam (Ricky Mabe) and Dante (Nick Thurston), begin to make their way home from the mountain. When unpredictable weather forces their car to spin off the road, all four become trapped in the vehicle, buried by an avalanche.

Without any sign of rescue, the group decides to spend their last moments confessing deep secrets, only to reveal disturbing and unsettling pasts - which test and call into question their own friendships. As tension builds and air supply declines, the game soon turns deadly as they discover they not only have to survive the accident, but also each other. One question remains-- How well do you know your friends?

And last, but certainly not least, we've got a look at the trailer for the film courtesy of MTV. Just scroll on down below and enjoy! Then after you're done with that be sure to head on over to MTV for more TRUTH BELOW goods, like some stills from the set!

THE TRUTH BELOW is set to hit MTV on April 3rd at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CT. Mark it on your calenders folks!

Extra Tidbit: Gillian Zinser (above) is probably best known for starring in the rebooted series "90210."
Source: MTV



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