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Trailer for Carter Smith's Jamie Marks is Dead, starring Cameron Monaghan

07.14.2014by: Kevin Woods

Last week we brought you the new poster for THE RUINS director Carter Smith's new film JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD, and today we've landed the trailer for the supernatural drama and I'll admit that it does a solid job of selling me on wanting to check this one out when Gravitas Ventures releases it into theaters and on VOD on August 29.

Smith hasn't been behind the camera of a feature film since 2008's THE RUINS, a film I really dug a lot, so hopefully the long wait will be well worth it. JAME MARKS IS DEAD is looking pretty solid and I can't wait to see what this psychological coming-of-age tale has in store.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In a wintry small town, the body of a teenager named Jamie Marks is found by the river. Adam, the star of his cross-country team, becomes fascinated with Jamie—a boy nobody really knew or interacted with, except occasionally to bully him. When Jamie’s ghost begins to appear both to Adam and Gracie, the classmate who discovered the body, Adam is caught between two worlds. He has a budding romance with Gracie, but he also feels a deep connection to Jamie, who brings him closer to the world of the undead.

Cameron Monaghan, Noah Silver, Morgan Saylor, Madison Beaty, Judy Greer and Liv Tyler all star. Look for it in limited theaters and on VOD August 29.

Extra Tidbit: Did the trailer for JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD sell you on wanting to check this one out?



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