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Trailer for creature feature Sleepwalkers

11.12.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Director Ryan Lightbourn (ROID RAGE) has completed shooting and post-production on his body horror feature SLEEPWALKERS (no connection with the Stephen King film of the same name). The man has just cut a trailer and sent it along to us, so we're going to shove it your way for your perusal.

Here's the plot:

Set in the deepest corners of Florida's woods, five college students attempt to enjoy a festive spring break getaway when they encounter a deadly, nocturnal presence. As horrific events unfold, the group joins forces with a local convenience store owner & a prison escapee. With night time approaching, they must set aside their differences and use their wits to survive.

SLEEPWALKERS stars Ansley Gordon, Amanda Phillips, Tommy Goodman, Ben Owen, Ben Evans and J. LaRose. The creature feature is going to begin rolling out to festivals in 2014; to keep tabs on it, check out it's official Facebook page HERE.



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