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Trailer for IFC Midnight's The Pact 2, starring Camilla Luddington

08.08.2014by: Kevin Woods

Just a few short days after bringing you the news that IFC Midnight has dated THE PACT 2 for VOD and theatrical release, we now have the spooky first trailer for the sequel to Nicholas McCarthy's 2012 supernatural shocker to share with ya.

We recently brought you the news that IFC Midnight has dated THE PACT 2 for VOD on September 5 with a limited theatrical run set for October 10. Written and directed by Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath, the film stars Camilla Luddington ("True Blood"), Patrick Fischler (2 GUNS), Scott Michael Foster ("Californication"), Haley Hudson (THE PACT), Mark Steger (MR. JONES) and Caity Lotz (THE PACT).

Here is a detailed synopsis:

Only a few weeks after Annie Barlow exterminated the plague that was the Judas Killer, we meet June, a woman whose carefully constructed life in Los Angeles is beginning to unravel due to lucid nightmares so awful they disturb her waking life.

When Special Agent Kevin Dickey, the FBI agent assigned to wrap up the case of the newly deceased Judas Killer shows up at June’s door, he brings with him some terrifying news – there is a Judas copycat killer on the loose in her neighborhood! In the course of his investigation, Dickey shows June a picture of the copycat killer’s victim, and she is stunned to see that it’s the same woman she saw brutally murdered in her nightmares.

A series of hauntings begin to torment June, growing in frequency and ferocity over time. Now, not only does she see murder victims, but her dreams put herself in the role of the murderer. June fears that the spirit of the Judas Killer is the architect of some greater plan in which she must now play a part. June struggles to maintain her grip on sanity as she plunges into her own investigation of these events. No matter the result, the truth will be horrifying either there is true evil inside of her, or someone, or something, is determined to destroy her… IT'S NOT OVER. 

Peep the first trailer for THE PACT 2 below and look for it on VOD on September 5 and in theaters October 10.

Extra Tidbit: Did the trailer for THE PACT 2 get you stoked to check this one out?



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