Trailer for Jeremy Benson's Girl in Woods starring Charisma Carpenter

Girl in Woods

While the teaser trailer has been around for some time, this is the first we’re catching wind of Jeremy Benson’s GIRL IN WOODS, which marks his follow-up feature to 2008’s LIVE ANIMALS. The teaser trailer is our first good look at the thriller, delivering just over a minute of creepy-crawly tension and blood-soaked thrills. As teasers do, Benson's GIRL IN WOODS cuts straight to the good stuff, leaving behind a sense of dread and horrible things to come. Dig it below!

Written and directed by Jeremy Benson (LIVE ANIMALS, SHUTTER), GIRL IN WOODS follows…

…a woman stranded in the forest when her husband is accidentally incapacitated during an excursion, and her fight to retain her sanity as her haunted past creeps back into consciousness. Benson’s film promises madness and monstrosity, but is any of it real or is it all in the head of its heroine?

GIRL IN WOODS stars Juliet Reeves (Automaton Transfusion, Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!), Charisma Carpenter ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", The Expendables), Jeremy London (Mallrats, "Party of Five") and Lee Perkins (Foxcatcher, KatieBird) and John Still (Hustle and Flow, Live Animals), and introduces Shaun Elizabeth as "Little Grace."

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