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Trailer for Russel Crowe's Tenderness plus DVD cover and release date

04.02.2010by: Ammon Gilbert

If there's one film that totally fell under our radar, it's John Polson's TENDERNESS starring Russel Crowe, Laura Dern, Arija Bareikis, Sophie Traub, and Jon Foster. I can't figure out how it's gone this far without notice, considering it's a love thriller from the dude who gave us SWIMFAN and HIDE AND SEEK, but it has and we're here to rectify that.

Coming to DVD on April 13, 2010, from Lionsgate Home Video, TENDERNESS goes a little something like this: a hardened cop (Crowe) is determined to uncover the truth about a young man’s violent past. His mettle is only strengthened when a young girl gets involved.

That synopsis does the film no justice methinks, so do yourself a favor and check out the trailer below to get a better idea of what the film is about. If you're into FATAL ATTRACTION style films about crazy hoes on murderous love-induced rampages, then you're gonna love this!

The DVD includes a “Finding Tenderness: Bringing the Novel to the Screen” featurette, but is otherwise barebones in its release. After checking out the film's trailer, be sure to check out the DVD cover art below as well, and PRE-ORDER YOUR VERY OWN COPY today!

Extra Tidbit: TENDERNESS is rated R for disturbing violent and sexual content, and language.
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