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Trailer for Shunji Iwai's Vampire, starring Rachel Leigh Cook & Kevin Zeggers

06.13.2011by: Jake Dee

It seems we only update Shunji Iwai's dramatic horror film VAMPIRE every six months. Last December we hit you a clutch of stills, and last June, we directed you to some behind-the-scenes footage from the film. So, who's ready for the official trailer?!?

Okay, so this is more of a muddled montage set to some awfully grating house music. Still, it has enough new footage and apposite run time to label a trailer. Cop a peek at that shite below!

Starring Rachael Leigh Cook (below), Amanda Plummer, Trevor Morgan, Ryan Robbins, Teach Grant, Adelaide Clemens, Samuel Patrick Chu, Mandy Playdon, Jodi Balfour and R. Nelson Brown - VAMPIRE posits:

Not all of those amongst us who crave blood are vampires, and not all vampires crave blood. For those of you expecting anything remotely resembling Twilight, Nosferatu, or Bela Lugosi, Vampire may not be your cup of the red elixir of life. . . . Simply put, Vampire gives new meaning to the word "vampire." Simon seems like a fairly normal, average young man who's devoted to his teaching job and ailing mother. Underneath the surface, however, things are not what they seem.

Simon hunts through online chat rooms and message boards, searching for the perfect girl: beautiful, shy, and suicidal. Simon has a particular condition: he is compelled to drink blood.

Acclaimed Japanese director Iwai Shunji demonstrates that he is a master of cinematic storytelling in any language. Breathtaking, lyrical camera movement and unconventional framing capture beautifully macabre images while the evocative music and sound design complete the sensory tour de force. The terrific ensemble cast stretches out of its comfort zone and syncs up perfectly with Iwai's dark vision, which explores the essence of existence and what drives some to end it.

VAMPIRE made its U.S. premiere at Sundance this past January. In the interim, it has yet to lock a legit release date. When it stakes one, we'll surely let you know.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen a Shunji Iwai movie? Of all you've seen, which is your favorite?
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