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Trailer for zombie outbreak thriller Disaster L.A.

07.07.2014by: Eric Walkuski

More zombies? More zombies! This time they're taking down the City of Angels. In DISASTER L.A., the undead apocalypse is brought about thanks (or no thanks) to a deadly meteor storm.

The Turner Clay-directed film stars Justin Ray, Ali Williams, Stefanie Estes, Ron Hanks, Jerod Meagher, Francisco Froes, Michael Taber and Dennis Leech.

Disaster L.A. follows a group of friends who have just celebrated their first year living in Los Angeles. However, the mood quickly changes when on the following day, a group of glacial meteors strike the city causing chaos and panic to spread abruptly. Unbeknown to them, the smoke that covers the city carries a foreign amoeba that when inhaled, causes the body to physically change as well as possess extreme violence. The group must now work together to battle through life threatening obstacles that they encounter on their journey to safety.

DISASTER L.A. comes out on Blu-ray and DVD September 16th.



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