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Trailer, poster and images for survival thriller In Darkness We Fall

10.31.2013by: Kevin Woods

Just ahead of the American Film Market we now have a trailer, sales art and some images from Alfredo Montero's claustrophobic thriller IN DARKNESS WE FALL, a Filmax International (REC) production starring Marcos Ortiz, Marta Castellote, Jorge Paez Paez, Eva Garcia and Xoel Fernandez.

In Darkness We Fall - which blends traditional filmmaking and "found footage" - concerns five friends looking forward to the holiday of their lives in an idyllic location.  On their second day on the island, the friends discover a hidden cave nestled into the side of a cliff and decide to go in and explore it. Filled with excitement and adrenalin, the friends start to make their way through the countless passageways that make up the cave. Before long, they realize they are lost.

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