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Trailer, poster and photos from Slamdance entry Jug Face

01.15.2013by: Eric Walkuski

From the producers of THE WOMAN comes JUG FACE, a low-budget creeper that was recently accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival. We have not written this one up yet, for which we apologize, because it looks supremely weird and unnerving. We're bringing you a batch of stills, the poster and the first trailer for the Chad Crawford Kinkle-directed film; see all of the below.

JUG FACE stars Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Bridgers, Sean Young (!), Larry Fessenden, Daniel Manche, and has the following synopsis: The pit has spoken. Dawai, the potter of a backwoods community, has crafted a face on a ceramic jug of the person that the pit wants sacrificed. Ada, pregnant with her brotherís child, has seen her face on the jug and hides it in the woods, determined to save the life of her unborn. If she does not sacrifice herself however, the creature from the pit will crawl out and kill everyone in the village until she does.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Give the trailer a look (courtesy of IndieWire) and scope out the pics and then mark down JUG FACE on your "must see" list. I'm sure we'll be hearing about it again quite soon. You can visit the official site HERE and the Facebook page HERE.

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Extra Tidbit: These guys also produced the disturbing GIRL NEXT DOOR and OFFSPRING.
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