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Trailer & promo poster for Rogue River, starring Bill Moseley & Michael Rooker

05.19.2011by: Jake Dee

Remember back in March when we first wrote about a horrific thriller called ROGUE RIVER, starring the likes of Bill Mosely and Michael Rooker? Well we just nabbed ourselves a nifty little trailer for trap-and-torture ditty. Ready to scope that shite or what?!?

Directed by Jourdan McClure, from a script by Kevin Haskin and Ryan Finnerty - ROGUE RIVER gears up:

When a young woman takes a trip down Rogue River, and her car mysteriously disappears. Lost without transport or communication, she accepts the hospitality of a stranger who offers her shelter for the night at his cabin. With no other options available, she reluctantly accepts only to forever regret it. The ensuing hours yield nothing but torture, indescribable pain, and horrific agony.

Michelle Page, Art Alexakis, Chris Coy, Michael Cudlitz and Lucinda Jenney round out the minimal cast.

No telling when ROGUE RIVER can be explored. As always, we'll let you know as soon as we do.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Bill Moseley performance? Michael Rooker's?
Source: AITH



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