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Tremors 5?!

11.18.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Our friends over at CinemaBlend are telling us they've got it on good authority that Universal Pictures is prepping a brand new TREMORS film - entitled TREMORS: THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER - which will take place, naturally, in Australia. They speculate that it'll go straight to DVD and I'm inclined to agree, for all the reasons you'd presume a TREMORS sequel wouldn't go theatrical. (Would YOU pay $10+ to see a fifth TREMORS movie?) No word on whether or not Kevin Bacon will return, but again, I'm leaning slightly towards "No chance in hell." However, there is certainly the possibility that Michael Gross will return, seeing how he's been in every single TREMORS movie AND the T.V. series... Yes, there was a T.V. series, and they didn't even tell me.

If this fourth sequel is successful, I'm going to lay good money that we'll be seeing a part six - SPACE TREMORS - shot back-to-back with a seventh movie, perhaps titled URBAN TREMORS: TAKING IT TO DA STREETZ. Them Tremors better be ready to get served!

Source: CinemaBlend



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